Apologies… Wednesday, Dec 2 2009 

I must apologise for my lack of new content on this site for sometime now – the reason being is that i am running a online Warhammer 40,000 campaign on youtube – its been very successful but with that success it absorbs alot of my time – i thank your patience and promise to have new content very soon.

In the meantime be sure to check out my youtube account: saviourzeroone

Thanks for your continued support!
Adam Isherwood


The latest of the Dead Fleet Monday, Sep 14 2009 

Sorry people been really busy with the narrative campaign – but here is what i have managed to get done!

Calling all 40k Players!!! Thursday, Sep 10 2009 

I am planning a online 40k narrative campaign on youtube – the following videos will explain more

Space Hulk, Mission 2 Battle Report Wednesday, Sep 9 2009 

Another dose of Space Hulk, Genestealer carnage – its been pointed out that on the battle reports of missions 1 and 2 there is a slight rules with blip revealing – sorry about that – this will be sorted out for mission 3

First Space Hulk Battle Report: Mission 1 Tuesday, Sep 8 2009 

Heya folks – as promised the first Space hulk game for all to see – mission 2 will be tomorrow

Siege of Dremora: Game 5 Monday, Sep 7 2009 

Another good game of Nid bashing, power armour slicing mayhem -enjoy!

The Dead Fleet Expands… Sunday, Sep 6 2009 

Sorry for no posts yesterday – was very tired – had to work all night before – than straight from work to GW Southend to pick up my copy of Space Hulk, enough time for a quick game to learn the rules and back home – all in all a 26 hour awake 😛

So, now i got 22 more Genestealers – Yay!!! If you haven’t seen the Space Hulk stealers – they are absolutely gorgeous!

Anyway between sleep and building the space hulk stuff ready for first game tomorrow (will have Battle report for Space Hulk and Dremora Campaign uploaded in the next two days), i haven’t got much painted – so here are some better pics of Carnifex that you saw in the last Battle Report….


The blue areas colour scheme is based on my late pet lobster (seriously i had one!)

Scratch-Built Ork Flyers Friday, Sep 4 2009 

This one is for those like me who find Forge World models – just outside their budget range (If you classed India just outside Essex :P)


It was made using:
> Tau Piranha Body
> Tau Devil-fish Engines
> Upper body of a Ork Boy
> Head of a Black Ork
> 2 pieces of Plasticard
> Various Orky Weapons

So far i made two and yet to paint them – will do a post soon of the painted articles

Bustin Outz Some Orky Vehicles! Thursday, Sep 3 2009 

Hey all – sorry things have been a little deader than usual – my sleep patterns have been going to shot recently so been a tad to too tired for my hobby – but everything is on the plus now…

Anyway i thought i would show you some of my heavily kit-bashed Ork vehicles..

This is a Looted Basilisk, made from a Rhino, Basilisk, Leman Russ and 2 Classic Trukks. The back of a Leman Russ’s hull was used for the front of the vehicle.

Next is a Looted Hammerhead. Note that i put a trukk chasis on it – hovering Orks would be just plain…odd

Another Looted Hammerhead – given it a Trukk chasis again.

Now for the crazy one! This Battlewagon was made from a whole host of parts; 2 Raiders, 1 Land Raider Crusader, Leman Russ and various other bitz. This is living proof i have too much time on my hands 😛

Finally my Super Heavy… No idea what it can be used as – so any help would be appreciated. It was made from a Iltalari 1/35 Abram kit with devilfish engines. Very cost effective – even if it has no use! 😛

Siege of Dremora: Game 3 Monday, Aug 31 2009 

Here is another slice of Dremora Warfare for you good people! Take care

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